New to Isecretshop! Looking to really monetize this side hobby, any tips?

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Hey everyone I'm new to the Isecretshop community and was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to get started. How long it takes to get paid for services usually? How you get paid? Etc etc. The basic rundown would be cool. Thanks - Brandon

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Getting Started: Start slow and get your feet wet. Find a shop on the job board. Read the description and decide if you are definitely willing to do it. If so, request it. If you get it assigned, read the guidelines carefully and do exactly what they say. Fill out your report online in the required time.

How long to get paid; Payment for shops totally depends on the company offering the shop. I have seen payments within a few hours and I've had shops where I had to wait more than four months. 45-60 days is very typical. (Note: The shops that typically pay very quickly tend to be lower-paying). Most companies pay through PayPal.

From your title: "Really Monetizing" this will take some time. There are folks who do this full time and can make an okay living. However, that will not happen overnight. You'd need to establish yourself as a shopper with a lot of companies - roughly 200. You'll need to travel - spending a week or two on the road performing dozens (or even hundreds) of shops so as to cover expenses and make a happy profit. You might want to explore video shopping - it tends to be more lucrative, but is not for everybody.... Basically, you'd need to be organized and self-motivated enough to run your own business.

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I totally agree with the person above me.

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Absolutely correct.

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Hello, I'm new here too. I like the suggestions above, been reading alot of the threads in the forum to learn more about doing this. I'm planning on starting my 1st one this coming week.

45-60 days common for some to pay, some longer?

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Yes, 45-60 days is average. You can find each MSP's payment procedures in the agreements you sign with them.... There are a few that pay much more quickly - though that almost always corresponds with lower payment amounts. There are some that take longer to deliver compensation - and, no, that does not correspond to higher compensation.

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Maybe try the food ones first, because you generally get paid to eat.

Maybe try the food ones first, because you generally get paid to eat.

Cecilia "cece"
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Michele_15032031952719 @ Mar 6, 2021, 12:11:10 PM
Maybe try the food ones first, because you generally get paid to eat.

Maybe try the food ones first, because you generally get paid to eat.

I did my First food one last was fun 'to get paid to eat!!' lol
But I was over spent! haha! The compensation was $60...I spent $84
including the tip!! But it was 'Fun' so I dont regret it and the food was good. :o)

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