New shopper

1 year +1 Falestin 5

How do i get more intresting jobs these are all tge similar jobs most of them are college jobs

1 year +1 Caryncc 1

have you applied to other companies?

Try Gigspot app and bestmark.

1 year +1 Kevin_15027958065114 10

Bestmark is weak.

1 year +2 Tara_NJ 141

There are physical shops too, just search those in your area. Those aren't all college shops. Unless perhaps there's just not many open assignments in your area. I'd also suggest that you make sure to expand your search area a little bit to see more opportunities. Good luck!

1 year +2 Ivan 659

Exactly like Tara said - if you want to see more shops, you can set the search distance filter (in the upper-left corner of the Available Shops page, above the map) to 50 or 100 miles, and click the search button (a small magnifying glass symbol in that same row) - that will show you the available shops in the wider area around you.

1 year +3 MFJohnston 268

Keep in mind that only a small fraction of mystery shopping companies use iSS. Outside of this platform, I'm with about 90 companies. There are another 100-200 that I will likely join in time. I've done about 75 shops so far this year - about five of which were through iSS. As stated above, if you want to make much, you will need to be willing to go more than a few miles from home.

9 months +1 AshleyValarie 3

I remember a list of 1-200 companies listed... now I cannot find it for the life of me!!! If anyone has, plz email them to me!


9 months +1 MFJohnston 268

There is such a list on the MysteryShopForum.

9 months +1 Umair 2
MFJohnston @ Aug 10, 2018 11:46:28 PM
There is such a list on the MysteryShopForum.

where? please point to that

9 months +2 MFJohnston 268

Type "MysteryShopForum" into your browser. Join the forum. You'll find a link to the list.

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