Complicated situation

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I mystery shopped another company a few years back that primarily focused on apartments. Not being a young man anymore, I got quite a few raised eyebrows when I told the target that I wanted an apartment.

Things started to get a little easier when I started to tell them that I was getting a divorce and needed a place to live. I think it helped quite a bit...but don't tell my wife. I actually had one target joke around that she just might be looking for a room mate! She kept saying that as the manager, she had a free apartment at the complex. It took a lot of talking to get out of that one.

When I came back to mystery shopping I decided to shy away from apartments for a while. I just might take someone up on their offer and then the divorce thing would get real in a hurry.

Have fun with your shops!

Dave K.

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That apartment manager should be thankful that you were not doing an audio or video recorded mystery shop...

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Ha! Thanks for sharing David, that really made me smile! :)

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Lol I did the same. My husband was nervous about it but the pay is nice for a relatively easy shop.

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I wonder if that’s geographical. I’m an older woman and no one even thinks twice when I do apartment shops, but I’m on the west coast, it’s expensive here and people of all ages rent apartments. Apartment shops are my favorite.

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I guess you could also say that you need an apartment closer to your work because you commute.

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