Obvious Mystery Shopper

2 months 0 Martin_Canada 24

Have any of you accepted a shop and then complete it and realize how obvious the mystery shopper is? One store I completed you must use the restroom. The restroom is only open if you ask a staff member to use it. As soon as I come out, the sales people are all over me! Another shop you must make a purchase but use an expired credit card or enter the pin wrong. Can we be more obvious? I don't complete either of these shops anymore :-)

2 months 0 Ivan 593

Well, I guess it all depends on how well can a shopper "act it out" and make the situation sound believable. Although I do think that if multiple shoppers come to the same store in the same month and present the same (rare) scenario, it can get a bit suspicious - but MSPs keep this in mind when setting up scheduling rules and limitations, to make sure the shopper's aren't revealed.


1 month 0 Michele_15032031952719 38

A lot of people take photos in businesses.But if yu take your food into the restroom to take a picture,that would probably qualify as obvious.

1 month 0 Norm 168

Yep, sometimes it doesn't pay to stand out or stand in. But it does make for an interesting shop.

1 month +1 Martin_Canada 24

Michele - you reminded me about shops that require photos in a restroom. This is really awkward especially in a men's restroom. LOL

1 month +1 Ivan 593


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