Fatherly banker

1 year +2 Edith 8

I recently did a bank shop. I "confided" that I have issues with spending more than I have in my account. This fatherly banker very nicely proceeded to educate me on how to eliminate this problem in my life. My problem was that he felt that after his extensive talk I no longer needed to worry about overdrafts ever again. How to get the information I needed to complete my shop??? Once I got back to my car I couldn't stop laughing.

1 year +2 Jennifer 8

LOL! I am still not clear on his secret. Just not worry?

1 year +1 Coleen 1

Here's a good one for you. I recently did a valet shop and the guy refused to park my vehicle...why I asked.??? I have a dodge dually and he was afraid to drive it! I am a female and I have no trouble driving my truck....next!

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1 year 0 Meghan 15

That is so funny! Thanks for sharing!

1 year +2 debra 2

I had an embarrassing one recently, I did a shop in an adult store and one of my old brownies was inside asking some advise about some "toys".  I walked over to the other side by the clothes and tried to not let her see me yet not act strange so that the clerk will know I am a shopper.  I wonder if she saw me and realized who I am?

1 year +1 Melissa108 19

These are hilarious! Thank you for sharing. I would love to read more secret shopper "bloopers". I can imagine some really good ones out there!

1 year +2 Catherine_14992231057392 3

I agree Melissa! I bet there are tons more funny stories!

1 year +4 Dee 4

OOhh I did a shop in an adult store and ran smack into my best friends dad looking at butt toys!! Was so hilarious!!

1 year +2 Virginia_15030838463339 2

I accepted a pretzel shop. I hate pretzels. Figured I would give the purchased pretzels to my boyfriend. Found out he hates pretzels too. Oh well. At least they got their info.

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