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Linda, I never use a living person for these shops. I wouldn't want to jinx them or something. I would feel terrible if I used them and something did indeed happen to them. I choose a relative that has already passed on.

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Lol Wanda I never use a living person either! I feel it's such bad luck. For me it's much easier to use my mom since she passed away when I was a little kid, 20 years ago. It doesn't sting when I talk about it but I do get sad, so unfortunately it does help me when completing these shops which I happen to do often.

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VONDELE @ Oct 1, 2018 7:18:49 PM

So I am truly convinced that I am not ever ever ever getting paid for this shop. I was to sound really sad, not in tears, but super sad that a relative passed and he only has 24 hours to live according to doctors.

Everything went smooth on my part (almost) and especially the funeral director's part.

So now he is really showing empathy and asked me if i'm ever in town, would i like a tour of the home. I said yes i would. He said tell me when will you be in town and i said in 2 WEEKS... LIKE REALLY????!!!!... 2 WEEKS? LOLOLOLOL... MY LOVED ONE ONLY HAS 24 HOURS BUT I WILL BE THERE IN 2 WEEKS? He did not even skip a beat with this one. He found it necessary to remind me that my uncle only has 24 hours and i changed and said 1 week... REALLY???? , so he decides to make a suggestion since i was totally confused. He said that when the time comes for my uncle's passing, they will contact the funeral home in my area and have him transferred.


Hi Vondele,

Don't worry always reach out to your MSP he/she will work on your scheduling and they are very flexible. If you're shopping funeral homes do it as it's just a business no strings attached. Follow the guidelines and you should be good. Remember don't leave any money on the table.

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hi i am really new here.. Sorry If this is not the place to post.but i do not quite understand this some of the shopping say no reimbursement.. I do not drive, but can get to most places.The spots they send me by email are 2 hours away.. Can I control the range of places (miles )where I could do this shoppling to increase my ability to do this.

I have not done any of the ones sent even the phone ones. Cause i am stuck on some of the particulars..Boy do i jfeel dumb.

Can anyone help or tell me where to go..Again sorry if this is not where to post this question

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Wow, I can only imagine how hard this must have honestly been. I have seen shops from past experiences stumble the individuals when caught off guard. this one for certain is one for the books. Thankfully I haven't encountered one like this yet but when I do I will try my best to be whole hearted and prepared for anything. thank you for posting this shop, as information from these posts will certainly help others in the field when they come across it..

What I have learned from my own experiences is to keep cool, confident and proceed. I am about to launch a few phoen shops on secretshop and looking forward to them.

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