I Got Kicked Out...

15 days +1 Jerome_15629795188146 7

I've done several of these shops w/ no problem. Only time anything out of the ordinary happened is when the instructions said to ask for a copy of the buckslip. I had never heard of it before. (or never heard of anything called that). I read verbatim from the instructions and it took the manager about 10-15 minutes (while i was doing everything else) to figure out what it was, and then said that they hadn't used it in about two years.

12 days 0 Kelley_15624254252980 2

I’ve done many of these but never had a problem! I enjoy these!

10 days 0 Lauren_14999556491444 15

I've done several of these and I have not encountered any issues. Most of them are aware and familiar with the process.

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