How I wished I lived closer to this shop

8 months +1 Martin_Canada 38

Unfortunately, we can't do shops in Nevada unless you have a licence. :-( I'm dying to the some casino shops there.

The state of Nevada regulates all mystery shopping activity. The state of Nevada is the only state that requires a work card to mystery shop. It is regulated by the Nevada PILB. ... You do not need a PI license yourself, but you must get a Nevada work card and become an employee of one or more of the licensed companies.

8 months +1 Jerome_15629795188146 11

Lot of casino shops out there not in Nevada. Anywhere there is legal casinos, eventually there will be shops. I did one about two years ago. Great time.

7 months (Edited 7 months) 0 Michele_15032031952719 194

Have you done any in California?

Is there a particular reason Nevada regulates mystery shopping?

7 months +3 LINDA_14996614317791 120

Omg, my life is so boring......I mystery shop for gas, clothing and hotels.

7 months +1 Jerome_15629795188146 11
Michele_15032031952719 @ Oct 5, 2019 1:14:52 AM
Have you done any in California?

Is there a particular reason Nevada regulates mystery shopping?

Probably because they can. Want their hands in anything they can so they can make money.

7 months +1 Francis_15707769985527 1

Wow, gotta love a fun shop!

7 months 0 Michele_15032031952719 194

I like the food mystery shops

5 months +3 Brandon_15508047779152 1

I like the shops that takes only 10 minutes to complete haha

3 months +1 ZG82 8

LOL. I've done some adult sex shops in the UK but never again. I was mortified. She was asking if I wanted to buy some dodgy toys for me.

The scenario was someone was retiring from work. How did we end up with her trying to sell me toys!

3 months 0 Michele_15032031952719 194

Are there sex shop chains in the U.K. ?

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