I like food shops that give reimbursement.

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Shops are done at night for all sorts of businesses so that the evening staff is assessed as well as the daytime staff... A mystery shopper who does his/her job well, will not be suspected at any time of day.

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I figure it is so they can be assured about theoretic bench at different times of the day. Colette @ Jan 15, 2020 6:03:58 PM
Is it possible that some shops are done at night so that the management / staff would not suspect a Mystery shopper?
This was my thought.

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I performed a mystery shop where your reimbursement was exactly what you paid for the meal. I looked at it as a free meal but am less inclined to doing that in the future. I would prefer the difference between fee and reimbursement to be greater than the cost of the meal.

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I don’t know. I thought it might be because business want to see how staff does at night.

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