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3 years +5 Jason_Southwood 2

Does anyone have any new shopper advice that might help me out? I would greatly appreciate it and thank you all who respond.

3 years +8 Dorothy_Marie 3

Don't take on too many job's in one day at 1st until you get used to it.

3 years (Edited 3 years) +3 Michele_15032031952719 368

I agree. Do one so you get a feel of how to fill out the questionnaire.

I agree. Do one so you get a feel of how to fill out the questionnaire.

3 years +7 David_15157399294557 58

As Dorothy and Michele said, start out small. Getting into "undercover" mode is something that takes some time. Start with simple shops to get a feel for the job. As you progress you will start to feel more comfortable in your chosen role. Many shoppers like to stick with only one or two types of shops. This is O.K. in the beginning, but you need to move out into other roles. With the Covid thing there are not that many jobs out there right now so you need to become more diverse.

Just take your time and enjoy!

3 years +6 Tina_16151418226737 17

These guys have given great advice. I've been in this line of work 16 years now. I had taken a few years off due to some personal things happening, but have recently gotten back in it full force. For me I live right on a state line so I'm able to do jobs in both states. I did almost mess up when I first found ISS. I scheduled a full day in the neighboring state with jobs from ISS and some from several other companies. I double checked everything on my computer before heading out that day and was asked to pick up another job by another company, which I agreed to since I'd be all over the area and it'd only take 5 minutes. At 4pm after I've already had a full day, with a million headaches due to weather and sitting in traffic for hours on end in different areas due to accidents, I picked up a last minute job from the scheduler calling me and basically begging. After dark I was still in that state working, it was raining and I was ready to just go home, I actually got in to an accident. I got ran off the road by another vehicle. I still had 3 shops to finish before I could go home. I did the one that was right next to where the accident happened, emailed the scheduler for the others still left as well as a few that closed things several hours before they were supposed to close (I called directly to be sure of the hours). One scheduler out of the many I dealt with that day, gave me negative marks, even after seeing the police report.

Start out small!!! Do not grab more than 1 or 2 for the first few times until you get a feel for it. If you grab a new one that you haven't done before, make sure to allot yourself plenty of time not just for the shop itself but for the report section too. Double check the turn around time for each shop between doing it and the time frame for the report to be completed. Thanks to my disaster that day, several schedulers were able to extend the report due times. Don't be afraid to talk to your schedulers either!! The vast majority of them are great and if you let them know of any issues as it happens they will work with you! Just don't let things like that be a habit.

You can do this!!

Cecilia "cece"
3 years +2 Cecilia "cece" 7

I have done a few easy tasks/jobs here and I am starting over again...but I basically feel like a Newbie! The Evaluation, was easy since I had noted all the things to check for ahead of time...I was surprised at how long it took me to complete the report, esp. becuz I wanted to give good details where they did not get an 'A' [best marks!] Now I know to give myself extra time even if I dont need it! :)

2 years +1 Bob_16222138508226 6

Do all the jobs provide the ability to complete them right on the phone while you are there? The ones I have done so are have, and I really like that feature as I look less like I'm up to something carrying paper to write on. Everyone is on their phone anyway , so I blend in? So, are all the jobs are gigs completable on the phone at the task location? Hope all has a great week.

2 years +1 Laura_16159836437305 8

Thanks everyone I am new shopper, all your comments help!

2 years 0 Danielle_16420860478969 2

I’m also a new shopper, so new I haven’t taken any jobs yet. I saw a few for phone /web but they say I have to record the call. My question is what do I use to record it? And how do I send them the call. Im sure there is a simple answer and in my head im making this to difficult lol. Also , do you get offered better paying shops once you knock the small paying ones out of the way??or better pay as you go?

2 years +1 Bob_16222138508226 6

I think it may be good that you are making it difficult because you are thorough. Channel that into research. Some of the calls are recorded automatically in the equipment built into the job. Pick simple jobs at first to build confidence. Don't worry about money, just learn. Read the forums. Avoid negative forums. Take your time. If you need the money as part of the income do the same things just faster and more of it. Also, read the job description thoroughly and ask questions as they are good to answer by email.

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