iSecretShop payment spreadsheet

1 year +2 Martin_Canada 24

A huge thank you goes to whoever designed the iSecretShop payment spreadsheet! I just discovered this and it beats the spreadsheet I used to keep manually of shops I have completed.

1 year 0 Tara_NJ 141

Hi Martin, can you direct me to the spreadsheet? I never noticed any spreadsheet that I can download regarding payments. Thank you in advance!

1 year +2 Martin_Canada 24

Tara - I found it by accident. Click "Payments" and then click "Download". An excel spreadsheet will be downloaded. It is very detailed including locations and date you were paid!

1 year 0 Tara_NJ 141

Awesome thanks so much! I'm going to try it now.

1 year 0 Tina_15150983024898 2

Heck, it would just be nice to get paid on time after you've completed the shops instead of having to email each time and ask when they're going to pay you!!!

1 year 0 Tara_NJ 141

Hi Tina, I'm surprised you're having problems getting paid on time. I've never had an issue. How overdue are your payments?

1 year 0 Regina_15133705737163 9

Thanks for this info! It will really come in handy.

1 year 0 Patrick_15178940317986 74

You can also get a copy of the invoice in the payment section that you can file with you completed shop paperwork.

I keep a record of my shops in case I need them for reference.

1 year +3 Joanne_15060106593160 4

Where are all the shops at

1 year +1 MFJohnston 268

Shops come and go. MSC's have deadlines with clients at the end of each month, quarter and year. We are generally not privy to the details. However, most shops are posted well before their deadlines and the next round not posted until the previous deadlines have passed. The end of a quarter is about three weeks away, so we should b seeing fewer shops available from now until the end of March. More will be posted for April.

If you really want to keep yourself busy shopping, you will want to expand well beyond the iSS platform. What is posted on this site is only a small fraction of what's really out there. For instance, I've done nearly 80 shops so far in 2018 and only about 10 have been through iSS.

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