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I have shopped for several different companies over the years. I was very impressed with an e-mailed that I recently received from ISS. ISS contacted me and said that according to their records I have not received payment for a shop that I completed two months ago. I thought that I kept meticulous records but when I checked I found that payment had not been made. I have since contacted the MSP in question to resolve this matter.

Thank you ISS!

Dave K.

3 years +1 Norm 191

Yes, it is good to check the records. That spreadsheet iSS offers is also a great help!

3 years +1 Ivan 929

I'm so glad you guys are finding that helpful!

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Thanks for posting this David! I actually have a quick question regarding this. How long should we wait before contacting an MSP on ISS if we haven't been paid? I have about 4 or 5 shops from the same MSP on here that haven't paid me yet and it's going on 58 days. It says on their agreement page that they pay for completed shops within 45 days. I hate being pushy so I haven't said anything yet. Thanks!

I actually have an update. I emailed them this morning, and within an hour, I received my payment for the 5 shops that were over 50+ days. So happy today! Shopping time!

3 years +2 Ivan 929

Super glad to hear it Tara, enjoy!! :)

Oh, and if the agreement says they make payments within 45 days - I'd start contacting them on the 46th day already :)


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Thanks Ivan! That was the first time I ever contacted anyone regarding payment problems. I've always been paid on time! I'd never bother anyone unless it was over 55 plus days because I get how crazy it can get.

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IIm trying to get this figured out

LLets do this

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Yep, we work "hard" for that money! Ha! But it's still good to check that pending list every so often and download that spreadsheet at least monthly to track expenses?? No, good revenue information, especially for end of year tax purposes, if needed.

3 years +2 Tara_NJ 178

Agreed. I now download the isecretshop spreadsheet and keep it for tracking and it really helps!

2 years +1 Norm 191

Download at least monthly, and that way you can see your shot history as well as what you've earned and other things. This is an excellent, and awesome tool.

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