Exact details of how Self Assign works

6 months 0 StealthMode 1

I self-assigned two shops (my limit is 2) and completed one of them, the next one is tomorrow. Does the limit mean that I can only have two active shops in my self-assign queue, waiting to be completed? Or does this mean I can self assign 2 shops per month/week, or that I have to wait until my self-assign limit is 3 before I self-assign for a third time?

6 months +2 Ivan 615

The self-assigned limit applies to the number of shops you can have in your Assigned Shops at any given moment, which you have self-assigned.

However, this limit only applies for self-assigning - you can always request an unlimited number of them, and schedulers can approve an unlimited number of requests. This means, that you can self-assign 2 shops right now, proceed to request another 100 shops within 10 minutes, and those requests can all be approved within a day, so you'd have 102 shops assigned to you,

I hope this helps!

6 months +1 Tara_NJ 104

I actually have a quick question for those of you who have more experience here. Right now I am able to self assign 4 at a time. My main reputation level is 3. It took me forever to get here and I'm proud of it lol! For those of you who have a reputation rank/badge higher than 3, what self assign limit do they allow you to go up to as you progress? I'm so curious to see how much more I can do in the future. Thank you!

6 months +1 Ivan 615

Those numbers can change as the system is tweaked and improved, but currently, on your next level it should be 5 shops, and then 7 shops on level 5.

But, after that it gets really interesting. I can't share the exact numbers, but at level 6 it's over a dozen. And then dozens after that. :)

I hope you get there soon! :)

6 months +2 Tara_NJ 104

Awesome! I can't wait! However I am realizing it takes a lot longer to reach 100% on level 3 than it did on level 2 lol! I can only imagine how many shops I'll have to complete to get to those higher levels. I love the challenge though!

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