1 year 0 Jacqueline_15289209202846 1

Am I losing my mind, or did I at one point see a code or link for referring other shoppers? I can’t find it anywhere? Does it exist, or am I wasting my time? Gahhhh!

1 year 0 Wendy_15031532472383 72

Hi Jacqueline

It's located on the home page, near the top, just above where it will say Welcome Jacqueline. The ribbon also has the following icons beside it: ISS Prep, Ticket System and Secret Shop Forum.

1 year 0 Lillian_15290046818031 1

I can't find the referal section either. Dangit...

1 year (Edited 1 year) 0 Wendy_15031532472383 72

I couldn't figure out how to get a good copy in here but you should see this on your home page of ISS - your assigned shops, web and phone shops, etc. Look above this to find Refer Friends, ISS Prep, Ticket System and Secret Shop Forum and Logout.

icon1.pngAssigned Shopsicon2.pngWeb and Phone Shopsicon3.pngOpinion Polls

ic1.png Shopper Announcements


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The circles should be horizontal but they changed to vertical when posted.

1 year 0 Norm 168

When you login to iSS and on the main webpage, LOOK AT THE TOP, and you will see the following list:

Refer Friends iSS Prep Certifications Ticket System Secret Shop Forum English (with an arrow) Logout

It is on the same line as the LOGOUT but in the opposite corner.

I tried to upload a screenshot, but the system would not paste it, so here is the manual information. Hope this helps all!

REMEMBER: look in the upper left-hand corner of the top of the page, that's where you'll find the Refer Friends choice.

1 year 0 Ivan 673

Hi Lillian,

As Wendy said - you can find the referral section at the top of the homepage of When you click it, it will give you 3 different ways to send the referral link - including directly copying it from there and sending to anyone you wish, via any method of your choosing.


1 year 0 Amanda_15293872738846 2

Do you receive anything for referring someone?

1 year 0 Ivan 673

Hi Amanda,

If someone uses your referral link to sign up on iSecretShop, you get the Recruiter badge. With more people using your referral link to sign up, higher levels of that badge can be achieved.


9 months (Edited 9 months) 0 Norm 168

I referred two people, and I still haven't received that badge. I contacted ISS and they didn't see my referrals, hence my not getting the recruiter badge. Has anyone else had this problem? I want to refer three other people, but I want to be sure I get the badge. Thanks for any and all help

9 months 0 Wendy_15031532472383 72

You have to make sure they use your link to get referred. Use the Refer Friends button at the top of the screen to get it.

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