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Hello shoppers!

As many of you have noticed, there is a brand new feature on iSecretShop called Age & Identity Verification. I'm happy to open this thread to discuss it, and answer any questions you may have.

WHY is there a need for this feature?

Scams and fraud attempts are now so common, and businesses now rely so completely on accurate data, that they are increasingly demanding all field evaluators be Age and Identify Verified prior to accepting their important assignments. They need to be assured the evaluators are legitimate.

HOW can YOU, and iSecretShop, meet this demand?

The innovative new "Age and Identity Verification" service allows shoppers to stand apart from the masses - promoting yourself as a verified and legitimate contractor to every MSP and Market Research Company on the system. Certain assignments require it, others give preferential treatment to verified users - and in all situations, verified evaluators stand apart from - and above - their unverified peers. This new feature allows you to stay ahead of the industry and at the front of the line - get Age and Identity Verified today and show businesses you are a professional.

WHAT should you do in order to take advantage of this feature?

This works using Public Records data to confirm your identity. If you are interested, simply log in to and over on the left there is a link called Age & Identity Verification. Click that. There is a one-time fee of $9.98 to run the check - you then confirm all the information is current and correct before you do so - and then your profile will be officially verified and you will be notated accordingly.

Simply put, you get Verified once - and from then on, every MSP and MRC on the platform will know you are legit.

I hope many of you find this beneficial, and I'm here if you have any questions! Cheers! :)

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Thanks Ivan I was wondering how I'd do that. I just wish there wasn't a fee!

7 months +1 Ivan 630

No problem!

The reason there is a fee is because a lot has been invested to create a highly robust, sophisticated and secure system of verification, and the costs are ongoing. The system includes a multi-point verification check against public record data - a strict series of multiple systemic checks is performed, and everything but an absolute perfect match is then also subjected to human review, challenge questions, etc. - resulting in ongoing costs to maintain the absolute integrity of the process.


7 months +1 Tara_NJ 124

Understood! Thanks for the clarification! :0)

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Although I'm signed up with tons of companies through this site, I seem to only get the same shops each month. What's the easiest way to research companies on the net to see if they have availabilities in your areas? Thanks.

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Hi, this is the first time I'm using this forum. I've always had an issue with this kind of "verification" service like Lexus Nexus in the past. I used to work for a bank and use this system all the time when I was authenticating customers over the telephone. Not surprisingly, I didn't pass for some strange reason. I've never updated my last name to my hyphenated name on my driver's license after I got married. If you can't verify me "manually" in the next 48 hours will my account be deactivated? Not sure what more I can do. I provided a copy of my driver's license over a month ago. :/ :(

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If you want to see more shops, you can set the search distance filter (in the upper-left corner of the Available Shops page, above the map) to 50 or 100 miles, and click the search button (a small magnifying glass symbol in that same row) - that will show you the available shops in the wider area around you.

If you still find that insufficient, you can use Google to search for MSPs that post shops in your area, and investigate other shopper forums for information on shopping opportunities. Please keep in mind that MSPs that operate outside of iSecretShop do not share the same benefits as those that do, and since this forum is designed specifically for iSecretShop shoppers, those MSPs and/or forums will not be promoted here.


The Age & Identity verification process is a one-time check, and if you weren't automatically verified, your profile will be manually reviewed. If Verification is possible, you will get verified, and if not, nothing bad happens - as a courtesy, iSS has so far refunded shoppers that don't get verified, and your profile remains active - you just don't get the "Age & ID Verified" badge (and benefits that go with having it).

To inquire about the specific circumstances of your case, I would suggest opening a support ticket to iSecretShop.

Cheers guys!

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Yay, I am Age & ID Verified. I suggest this to everyone for their own safety and befit!

7 months 0 Tara_NJ 124

Hi Arpana, I was worried about this too! I was a mortgage processor and underwriter for almost 15 years and we used lexis nexus and other verification services on every borrower the minute we started processing their loan application. Most people came back with flags because of small stuff like you said the name variations, incorrect address history, wrong spelling on credit reports, similar people in same area, etc. That's why I'm hesitant as well. When I got married I kept my maiden name but when I had my daughter ten years ago, I legally changed my last name so we had the same names. However, dmv wouldn't allow my last name to be changed on my license unless I had a court document because I waited more than a year after I got married. It's apparently a nj law. How ridiculous is that! So social security has my legal last name as my married name but dmv has my last name as my maiden name. When I go for job interviews I just have to show my birth certificate a d my marriage license along with my driver's license. I just refuse to pay 250. 00 to a court judge to legally change my last name! Lol

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I'm wondering if the age and identity verification affects the number of shops that appear as available on my feed or does it only affect my ability to qualify for them? Any clarification would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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