15 days 0 MFJohnston 143

How do you always make money gambling? Casinos are not set up to let you walk away a winner every time....

14 days 0 Michele_15032031952719 53

REimburse $200 worth of gambling?That sounds good.

14 days 0 Ivan 615

Lucky :)

9 days (Edited 9 days) 0 Samantha_15422528909314 6

Because I keep what I won. I gamble exactly 200 dollars. I keep whatever I win. And I'm good at it.

The shop is worded very specifically. You keep what you win and you are reimbursed up to $200 worth of gambling. Every bet I make us a gamble. Everything I won goes to me.

I've been doing it a while now. There's literally no reason to do this shop otherwise. It's a three sometimes four hour ago and I have to drive between 2 and three hours to get to it.

7 days 0 MFJohnston 143

Interesting... Every casino shop I've done only reimburses on your net losses. So, if I gamble over the course of a few hours and , in the process win $300, but lose $350, my net is a loss of $50, so I get reimbursed $50. What you describe is a sweet gig. I've just never seen that...

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