Favorite Shops?

7 months 0 Maggie_15499337439010 2

Just curious...what's everyone's favorite shops to do? I don't get many out here in NJ but fast food...curious as to what's out there!

7 months +2 MFJohnston 328

Casinos... New home video.... flights.....

7 months +2 Lauren_14999556491444 15

What state are you in? And what do you do for flight assignments?

Mine are the overnight hotel stays and the fine dining :)

7 months 0 MFJohnston 328

I live in Seattle. the flights are through an MSC that does not use iSS. Out of respect for the MSC's that financially support this forum, I do not refer folks to other MSC's here. However, the "MysteryShopForum" (Google it) is unaffiliated with any MSC and you can find your answer by asking there.

7 months 0 Shannon_15486285349655 2

I get a lot of cell phone shops and gas stations. It's nice to travel a bit and meet new people!

7 months +1 David_15157399294557 43

I'm partial to restaurant shops and big box store shops. I have had a lot of fun with these.

6 months 0 Denise_15330635172945 5

Hi Maggie - I am in NJ as well. Have done restaurants, wax service stores, retail , and fast food -- which is your favorite, Maggie?

6 months 0 Sue_15510241853011 3

Wow! I am in the Northeast and have NEVER seen an airline or hotel shop. They would be fun to do. I mostly get cell phone, movie theaters, gas stations and some (but not many) restaurants.

6 months 0 MFJohnston 328

Sue -

Do you only use iSS, or do you shop for other companies as well? All the airlines and hotels I have seen have been from companies not affiliated with iSS.

Betsy _15510574932898
6 months 0 Betsy _15510574932898 2

I shop for many companies. It is best to register with as many good companies as possible to see all the options for shops. I recently did an airline shop, actually two of them. It was a beautiful thing to be able to do them while on a business trip and get paid for the shop very generously. It was easy peasy too.

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