Decreasing score related to doing fewer shops?

1 month 0 Deb_in_NH 5

Greetings fellow shoppers!

I am a fairly new shopper, just 4 months old. I tend to schedule shops early so life doesn't get in the way.

Well life did get in the way, I slipped and fell on ice in February. Broke my ankle and have been trapped at home since then.

I have been watching my points slowly decrease. Will I eventually hit 0 if I don't get shopping by April?

I am at 1 right now.

Thank you for your advice,

"Hobbling" Deb

29 days +1 Tara_NJ 139

Hi Deb! I'm sorry to hear about your accident! I hope you are doing better. To answer your question, your points don't go down for not performing new shops. Your points won't increase either lol. The only way you might have lost points is if you had to cancel any shops that were assigned to you. Good luck!

27 days +2 Deb_in_NH 5

Hey Tara!

I am healing well and looking forward to stepping outside when there is no ice.

That makes sense about cancelling impacting points. When the doctor showed me the x-ray showing the double break on 2/25/19, I logged on the 360Intl and cancelled my upcoming shops. I didn't want to leave them scheduled if I knew there was no possible way I could do them.

Well, I just need to sign up for shops once I am walking/driving.

Thanks for your reply,

Deb D.

27 days +2 Tara_NJ 139

I hear ya Deb. Get better soon and good luck to you!

22 days +2 Ivan 639

Hey Deb,

You might want to try reaching out to the MSP and explaining the situation - they have the ability to restore your points from cancellations if they deem it appropriate, so it might be worth a try.

Best of luck!

20 days +1 Deb_in_NH 5

Thank you Ivan!


20 days +1 Michele_15032031952719 81

Too bad you don't have a doctor's office to shop!

13 days 0 Deb_in_NH 5

Perhaps there will be shops for physical therapy places. There are chains in Southern NH. Just a thought.

Wish me luck, I see my doctor April 10th!

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