Badge Categories ? and suggestion

2 years 0 Adrian 2

There is a Healthcare Badge and then there is a Phone/Web badge.  I feel that the Dental Office phone shops should also get credit in the Healthcare badge in addition to phone/web shops.  Are we only allowed to earn badges in one category for the type of shop we do?  I feel that Dental Offices are considered healthcare and should be credited in both categories.... anyone else agree?

2 years 0 Wassim 56

Hey Adrian

As far as I know, these badges are controlled by the MSP, when they assign the shop a category badge. So, you can see some are for parking, some are for fine dining, and others are for retail, and things like that. If the MSP fails to assign a badge to a shop assignment then it might not got one.

Few badges are under the control of the forum administrators. Like the forum contributor badge, and possibly the reputation one.

Hope this helps.

2 years 0 Ivan 800

Hey Adrian,

Wassim is correct - the MSPs are the ones that are responsible for the type of badge that their shops will grant.

For now, every shop can only grant one badge category, and it's the one that most closely depicts the type of shop/industry in question. A good example are the shops you mentioned - they are indeed phone shops, but are even more "specialized" then that, as Healthcare more closely represents the type of shops you did. This literally means that when schedulers are choosing who to give these shops to, they will favor you and other shoppers with a Healthcare badge, over others who just did various other phone shops that are unrelated to healthcare in any way, as you will be deemed more experienced in that field.

Another example would be adult products stores - shops at those locations are indeed retail shops, but instead of giving you a generic Retail badge that you would earn at any regular retail shop, they will give you the Adult badge, and the schedulers will know you've had experience with those, making it more likely you'll get them in the future when you request them.

There are of course other badges, as Wassim mentioned, that are earned in other ways - Forum Contributor for posting on this forum, Reputation which increases automatically as your shopper score increases (and every level also increases your self-assigned limit), Legacy which shows how long have you been a mystery shopper on iSecretShop...and there are badges that editors grant as they deem appropriate, such as Reliability, Grammarian, and others. Those are not earned very often, but will really make you stand out and are there to reward the shoppers that really put in the effort in their shops.

I hope this clears things up a bit!

2 years 0 Adrian 2

I think that makes sense. Only one badge is allowed per shop. So then if I do a phone shop that's calling a dental office or physical therapy clinic it's the scheduler who decides which badge I receive? Is that correct? Are there any plans for assigning additional badges in cases like this?

2 years 0 Ivan 800

Hi Adrian,

In those cases, as soon as your shop is approved, you will automatically receive a Badge that the MSP has set for those shops to give. They usually try to be specific when assigning badge types to their shops, so dental or physical therapy phone call shops will more likely be set to give shoppers Healthcare badges than Phone Call badges, but ultimately, it will depend on the way the MSP has set their shops.

As more and more shops and shop types are added to the system all the time, plans are in place to add additional categories of badges as needed, to most accurately reflect the shopper's experience in specific fields, so generic badges such as "Phone call", "Retail" or "Service" should start being less common (and less relevant to schedulers) than industry-specific badges, like Healthcare, Adult Stores, Automobile, Casino, Casual Dining, Fast Food, etc.

I hope this answers your question!

2 years 0 David_H 11

I haven't been getting badges for the shops recently, and I'm not super keen on bugging the individual MSC's about it. Kinda hope they start adding these on their own. Also, if I got most points in my area for the week, is there a badge for that? {cause i did!}

2 years 0 Ivan 800

Hi David,

Yes - there is a badge that is rewarded for being on top of your weekly leaderboard, and is awarded at midnight on Sundays - which is when the week ends.

If you have questions about that badge, please feel free to open a support ticket on iSecretShop and it will be looked into. As for specific shop category badges, please not that those badges are only rewarded once the shop has been reviewed and approved by the MSP, and if you are not receiving them, we encourage you to contact the MSP(s) that posted the shops.


2 years 0 Edith 8


I usually do shops in the Chicago area, but have recently done a shop in Florida. Will that count towards a Globetrotter badge? Who awards those?

2 years 0 Ivan 800

The Globetrotter badge is awarded by the system, and if you've done shops outside of your home state, you should receive one. If you haven't, I suggest opening a support ticket to iSecretShop so it can be looked into :)

I've created a new thread on the Forum regarding badges, explaining in more detail all I've managed to gather on the badges so far. I hope you find it helpful! :)

Here it is:

2 years 0 HeatherAnnie 54

Hey, I did a shop across the country too and did not receive the badge. I think I will open a ticket too.

Reading this thread: