Payment Marked "Info" "Pending"

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I'm kind of new here, but have been doing a number of shops, including some where I've gotten lucky and had $200 shops here and there.

My payments page for some shops now shows Info Pending.

I checked, I have no "alerts", and the FAQs related to that suggest that maybe I need to send the company a W9 -- which I have no problem doing...

I just wasn't sure if there is a place to upload it or if they would/should reach out to me...

I sent them already an email separate -- but if someone else has already done this it will save me time. ;)

Many Thanks!

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I am new as is a payday for some of us, but nothing in the way of payment. Has anyone else had this problem on payday???

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Most companies pay in the month after completion of the shops. Some pay in two weeks and some in two months. I have an excel spreadsheet to keep track of shops and payments.

Make sure your PayPal or bank information is correct.

Just my two cents worth.

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Doug that is a great idea. I am new at this. Would you mind sending me a copy of that excel spreadsheet?!

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How long does it take for completed shops to show up as Pending after completing? I usually have shops show within a few days of submission, although some take up to 45 days to pay. Recently completed 6 shops and received a confirmation email but they're not on payment page.

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Hi All

Usually Mystery Shopping Providers (MSPs) pay their Independent Contractors (ICs) AFTER they get paid by their clients. They want to make sure that they can afford the ICs. Now this is not truly legal nor ethical but that is for another discussion.

My policy is as follows:

When I set an appointment to perform the assignment shop on my Smartphone, and once all edits are done and my report has been accepted, then I will set a second appointment to remind me when to expect payment. As such if the date pass and I do not see my balance change, then I'll wait a coutresy 5 or 6 days before asking for payment status.

I am an Expert MS-Excel user programmer and I love spreadsheets. But the process I described here works great, for me.

Try it and let me know.

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I also keep a spreadsheet. I figure most shops aren't processed for 30 to 45 days from the end of the month in which a shop was done. I expect most of my July shops will be paid in mid September. What I've always liked about the iSecretShop platform is that I can see all the pending payments shortly after a shop is completed. I'm always surprised at the number of shoppers who complain about slow pay. Almost every IC contact has the payment policy.

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I keep a spreadsheet too. I have columns for the MSP and their payment policy, and what the status of each shop is, e.g. "approved", "paid", etc. I have not had any issues with a payment not meeting the schedule outlined in the agreement.

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Hello all!

In regards to payments, each MSP has their own pay schedules and policies. To determine when you should be paid, check out Payments under your profile and make note of the companies you have completed the shops for, then go to Provider Contracts & Policies. Click "View Contract" for the MSP and scroll down to Payment Policy.

If you are unable to determine when you will be paid, you can locate the MSPs contact info under Payments as well, so you may contact them directly as iSecretShop cannot assist with payment related questions.

The most common reasons for an unpaid payment include:

1) Shop completed too recently - not scheduled until the next payment cycle.

2) No Paypal address on file in your Extended Profile

3) Independent Contractor Agreement not signed for this MSP

4) No W9 form (if required) on file with the MSP

***IMPORTANT: DO NOT SEND W9 forms to iSecretShop!***

I hope this helps!

Have a great day,


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How do you know if W9 was required for individual Msp?

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