Getting Verified

28 days 0 Nitin_15469932186212 1

I’m you get points for getting verified? Also, does it really open up more shops to you?

28 days 0 Michele_15032031952719 129

I have heard this but haven't done it.

25 days (Edited 24 days) 0 Kevin_15027958065114 18

I have never seen a reason to get verified. I have never received a email from any company I work for stating more opportunities if I do so. The key with shopping is joining as many companies that are free in your areas and taking advantage of the shops. I stay busy 30 days a month.

Tiffany _15583003363924
22 days 0 Tiffany _15583003363924 1

Hello, everyone im new to this can anyone teach me the ropes.

22 days 0 Tara_NJ 155

Hi Tiffany what do you need help with? Ask away!

21 days +1 Ivan 684

Hi Tiffany,

Here is how the system works, roughly speaking:

-Once you log into iSecretShop, go to the "Available Shops" page, and browse the shops that are posted.

-When you see the one you are interested in, you click "View Details" and it will open a pop-up window with all the information on the shop.

-Then, you can either self-assign that shop, or click "Request shop" to submit a request for a specific date. The schedulers are frequently reviewing these requests, so it should be approved soon.

*If you are prompted to sign the iSecretShop Terms of Use or the Mystery Shopping Provider's contract first, you can do so on the "Provider Contracts and Policies" page.

-Once you have a shop assigned to you, you can always view it on the "Assigned Shops" page - there you can see all shops you have assigned, and can click "Complete Shop" on any of them to see the full shop information, the shop instructions, the questions, and/or fill out the shop report.

-If you have any questions about a particular shop, you can always contact the MSP that posted it, and their schedulers/editors will be happy to help.

-When you are done filling out the shop report - you click "Finalize Shop" to submit it - it will be reviewed to editors and either approved, or returned to you for additional information (if so, it will appear back in your "Assigned Shops" page).

-After the shop is approved, you can communicate with the MSP regarding your payment for that shop.

I also advise going to and doing courses like "iSS 101" and "iSS 102" - these will not only provide you with additional knowledge, but will also grant you shopper points, boosting your rank rather quickly.

I hope this helps!

20 days 0 Michael_D 4

I have wondered about this myself. I see people from my area racking up points and I don't know how they do it. They have to be seeing more shops than I see and I wonder if part of it is that they are verified.

15 days 0 MFJohnston 328

Some shoppers get assignments directly from schedulers, before they ever hit the job boards. Some shoppers travel and will pick up "points" elsewhere. I am yet to hear of any concrete information suggesting that getting "verified" makes any difference.

10 days +1 rake713 3

I went ahead and paid for the "Verified" thing and it seems like I have been able to get more shops. So far, since the last week of June (when I signed up), I have completed over 65 shops. 10 in Arkansas since I was going to be there one weekend and the rest were in Oklahoma, where I live. I generally look for outside my city (Tulsa) and take a day or half-day road trip and just complete a bunch of shops on the weekends. I have a good report with one particular MSP and have been notified in advance due to my completed shop count and the "verified" status. I just used some of my "shop" money to pay for it, so it wasn't a big deal to me. I generally pick shops that are worth my time as well.

10 days 0 Michael_D 4

So you think it helps. OK, thank you for your response.

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