New courses available on iSSprep

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Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know there are two new courses available on

The first one is "SafeAudit Certification", designed to ensure awareness of the health and safety measures required for performing on-site evaluations during the pandemic.

The second one is "iSS 103 - Advanced Features of iSS", which is meant to expand on the knowledge in iSS 101 and 102, and explain some of the features that have been developed over the years, which shoppers can take advantage of.

Both of these are free, don't take long to do, and both award shopper points upon successful completion.

I hope you find them useful, and feel free to discuss if anything is unclear :)

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1 month 0 Ivan 848

Sure thing!

1 month 0 Enjoulyna 1

How do I access the new courses? I do mot see them when I log in.

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Thank you Ivan.

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Hi Ivan

I am the auditor for a gas station that the company has recently joined up with the secret shop platform. Do I need to do the auditor course on the platform to continue with them?

I should add that I have been a member and completed shops since 2016.

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How do I access new courses

1 month 0 Ivan 848

Hi Tracy,

If a shop on the iSecretShop platform requires you to pass a course on iSSprep, the shop details will call that out, and you;ll know exactly which course is required. Most shops do not have such requirements.

Andrea - you can find all available courses by going to

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