Negative Points, How to make amends?

1 year 0 Julie_14995327725895 3

Somehow I wound up with negative points. I completed one shop come but had trouble with another. How can I resolve those negative points



1 year +1 Ivan 673

Hi Julie,

You can (and should) always contact the MSP that posted the shop which got canceled/declined, and explain the situation to them, and ask them nicely if they would consider restoring your points - they have the authority to do so if they deem it appropriate, and a kind word here and there goes a long way. :)

I hope this helps!

1 year 0 Julie_14995327725895 3

Thank you Ivan.

1 year 0 Ivan 673

You're welcome!

1 year 0 Kevin_15090510818618 1

Ivan makes great points. Once you acknowledge your error and ask how you can fix, you will find they no longer have as much anger and will work with you. Good Luck!

1 year 0 Sunshine 1

How do you know which MSP posted the shop that resulted in the negative points?

1 year 0 Ivan 673

Well, there are a couple of ways to figuring that out - you can list through your emails, and check all that came in for Declined or Canceled shops, the MSP contact info can usually be found in there.

Another way would be to open a support ticket for iSecretShop and ask - the admins at iSecretShop can view the activity logs and see which MSP you have done shops for and which of them were declined or canceled.

Thanks for asking!

1 year 0 evangelina 1

once you accept a web phone contract can you cancel or reverse it?

1 year 0 Ivan 673

If you are referring to the web/telephone shops, then yes, you can cancel them just like any other shop, from your Assigned Shops page.

And you can even contact the schedulers to see if there is a way for you not to lose points, due to specific circumstances, etc.

If you are talking about the IC agreements (MSP contracts) for the MSPs that post those shops, I don't think there is a way to "un-sign" them, but there really is no need for that - there are no downsides to having any MSP agreement signed.

1 year 0 Tiana_15271782466288 2

My baby had a 103+F fever the night I was supposed to complete a shop and I had to cancel last minute to attend to my baby. I emailed the scheduler right away to explain the situation. The next day, I received a cold response that I should have called and that I will stop receiving assignments from the providing company. Who should I have called? iSecret (at what #)? The assigned shop? The providing company (what number)? Calling when my baby has a high fever is not the first thing on my mind. It was a Sunday, is anyone on-call 24-7 even if I were to call? His response sounds a bit harsh to me. He could have cared less for my baby's well-being. I had previously completed shops without fail and even have the Legacy, Quality, Reliability badges. So no one is allowed to be sick or they will be kicked off for good even with previous good record? I would appreciate it if someone from iSecret would respond to this terrible experience and interaction with one of your staff members. I don't know what points I have as I didn't even know there were points. I had explained the situation as Ivan suggested above. As far as what Kevin suggested, I apologized for not being able to complete the shop, but no error was committed as my baby was sick. What do you do in this situation when the MSP is not very understanding?

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