Goodwin Schedulers are the BEST!

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How can I locate shops here on the east coast for Goodwin?

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Hi Robin,

You can either sift through the Available Shops page and search by city, state or zip code, and then look for shops that are posted by Goodwin, or you can reach out ot them directly and ask about the availability of their shops in your area of interest, and they can point you in the right direction.


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What areas, if you don't mind me asking, does Goodwin have jobs in?

Im having a really difficult time getting a decent amount of job opportunities because I live in a rural area, but I'm clo0se top Savannah, so I would think there might be more.

Any ideas on how to get different types of jobs besides gas stations and quick shops?

Hey there! I'm from Richmond Hill so I can definitely feel your pain in trying to find jobs, but this app doesn't have a lot of jobs in our area. There are some very legitimate companies that have apps (ISSOS, KSS, etc.) and they have high paying jobs in our area. What happens is that all of the companies, except I believe this one, have s job board that they post to every day, all day. I was offered 2 jobs, one for $85 and one to get my oil changed for KSS within a couple of days of days. Truly, look at your app store and see what other mystery shopping apps there are. All the apps I looked at we're 100% on the up and up, never asked for money or anything like that.

I will tell you though that going from this to those is overwhelming because they call with jobs, email with jobs, it can be pretty consistent and like this app, they are just the schedulers for the companies that hire them to find " mystery shoppers" It's also difficult because every company has different internet sites, and although this happens to have the least jobs, their app and webpage are super easy to navigate.

I hope you're having some luck. I know it can be really frustrating and discouraging, but if you really want the jobs they are out there for you

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Does" I secret shop" make all Goodwin shops available to us in our areas without contacting them directly?

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I just started myself. One my 3rd week and love it thus far.

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IIm not sure how this works. It seems I can accept local shops but then theres MSP agreements and it also looks like I have to choose a....scheduler is it?? Please help.

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Kevin - I can't speak about Goodwin directly, but I know that some MSC's offer different shops on ISS and on their own website. You will have to ask Goodwin directly if they have a separate job board.

Jazmyn - First, you want to sign all the MSP agreements. You can't work for a company until you have signed their agreement. Once you have done so, go to the "available assignments" and choose one (or more) that you would like. Then apply. Each shop has a specific scheduler. If you are assigned a shop, the scheduler comes with it.

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Hi every one! Thanks for the good heads up on Goodwin. Curious, what other MSPs would you also recommend working with and why?

So far, I've primarily worked with 360Intel, Mystery Shopper Services, Intouch Insight and Bild & Company.

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I don't know if you have Jancyn shops available in your area or not, but their schedulers are very kind and quick to respond!

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Kevin_15027958065114 @ Jun 27, 2019, 9:57:09 PM
Does" I secret shop" make all Goodwin shops available to us in our areas without contacting them directly?
That is a good question. I haven't been able to find any on iss.

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