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Isecret Shop Experience

Hey Megan,

When you request the shop it's getting declined? I've been pretty successful with the shops I've requested. For the shops that I request that aren't assigned, either someone else requested the shops sooner than I did, or I don't have enough experience for them. Example: there were some education phone call shops that required I have x-amount of badges. So I have to work on some "smaller" calls to get my badge rating higher.

I usually log in and check the job board once a day just to see what is available in my area and try to have an idea of what my schedule is so that if I see a job I'd like to apply for I can do it right away. I'm still new at this though, so that may not be what exactly you are looking for.

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New Shopper Advice

You earn badges as you complete jobs that are in that specific category. So, for an education badge, I looked in the phone call and web shops.

Joseph_16570874399303 @ Jul 6, 2022, 6:10:56 AM
how do i get a education badge