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1 year 0 Patrick 8

I really do not understand how people can be awarded so many shopper points to become the weekly point leader of his area. Jobs available in Mississauga, Ontario Canada are very limited. A contractor located at my area got 1313 points (what is 13 points?) and was only the second point leader of last week. I believe that you need to do web/telephone jobs to get enough points. There are only a few in Canada. I learned from this forum that there is a large demand and it can take a bit of persistence to get them. These jobs are easy to do and litte time required and are awarded the same amount of points. (20 pts). The question is that how to get 50 plus jobs for a week when there are so many competitors.

1 year 0 CABZmom 8

I suspect some of those super shoppers are working off of job lists that they do that never hit the boards. The usual leader in my midwestern state has sometimes had hundreds more points than the second ranked shopper. I once saw this person, with a distinctive name, written up in a blog post for a MSC not affiliated with this platform. When they do not make the list at all, I just assume they took time off or are doing work for other companies. I think the only time beyond their absence from the board that they have not been at the top is when their points rank them second, maybe third once.

1 year 0 Martin_Canada 24

I know some shoppers take road trips and pick up as many shops on route as possible. Once you start doing this, schedulers will award you more shops as you picking up remote locations.

1 year 0 Ivan 684

Well, every completed shops grants the same number of points - 20 points per shop currently. That goes even for really simple, easy to complete shops, that can be done in great numbers every week. My theory is that the person just completed A LOT of same type shops.

For example, I know of a lady that completes about 30 price audit shops in one day every two weeks. There are 6 shops that get posted per location (and can be done simultaneously, in one visit), 5 different locations, and she takes them all on and drives from one location to the other, spending about an hour or so at each.

Some retail shops (like those for cellphone recommendations), or some Gas Station or Parking shops are also often posted in large numbers every week/month, and shoppers who are experienced with them (and comfortable with doing many) take on a dozen or two dozen at a time.

So, if we combine doing a bunch of similar shops a few times a week with maybe some telephone/web shops that can be done from home, and maybe some opinion polls, it is technically possible to rack up that many points, although it honestly still is a very large number of points, and probably does require a large amount of time and dedication to achieve that.

Some of those highly experienced and reliable shoppers are sometimes contacted by schedulers a few days before the shops are posted, and given the opportunity to be the first ones to grab them, although most just make sure to login when the shops are posted and self-assign right away as many as they can do.

1 year 0 Stacy_15113689614858 2

I will pick up as many shops as I can so I can do a road trip. I didn't notice any difference in the points.

1 year 0 Dawn_15212588682316 30

Can someone please tell me if the start day for the leader board points runs from Sunday to Saturday? Or is it something else? Thanks! :-)

1 year 0 Patrick 8
Last week points leader board starts from Monday to Sunday. However, unless completed assignments were approved before Sunday, they were not counted. Also telephone jobs were counted equal to physical jobs. If telephone jobs are released that week, you have to do lots of them in order to become the week leader. I had 29 approved jobs last week and could only become the last person at the board. The week leader of my area had 1540 points indicating lots of telephone jobs.
1 year 0 Dawn_15212588682316 30

Thanks, Patrick. This causes a follow-up question. You, and others, have mentioned people getting 1500+ points; however, in Las Vegas, the number 1 person had only 240 points. So is their one Leader Board recap per city? Thanks!

1 year +1 Opal 4

Dawn, I believe that's how it works. The number one person in Maryland had only 80 points. That was me. :) That number is usually a bit higher so I imagine those who typically do them are taking a break.

1 year 0 Dawn_15212588682316 30

Thanks, Opal! And congrats on being #1 on the Leader Board!!!

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