Hello from UK / ServiceMeasure converts

15 days 0 Beverley_15795309495454 4

No payment here either and no response to emails. Not happy!!!

15 days 0 Benjamin_15805473797433 3

Im owed still from a January assignment. No one is getting in touch with me despite the number of emails and calls I've made.

Should trading standards be called?

15 days 0 Tracey_15791088689137 7

I was thinking this was just due to the new payment system as I’ve always been paid as expected over the last few years. I emailed to check and received a replying saying to contact them if payment has not been received by close of business today as 15th was a Sunday. Will keep an eye on my PayPal account today.

15 days 0 Colin_15775420775268 10

That’s the payment in now, minus the PayPal fees

15 days (Edited 14 days) 0 Tracey_15791088689137 7

Nothing for me yet but thanks for posting Colin. PayPal fees though? There’s a way of sending money where the recipient doesn’t pay fees so assumed that method would be used.

15 days 0 Beverley_15795309495454 4

I have had two payments into my bank today, one for an outstanding January hotel visit and the other was a Feb shop visit.

14 days 0 Amy_15792538678972 2

Still nothing for me this morning in my paypal account. Getting really worried now! I emailed yesterday but no reply yet. They paid me yesterday for an earlier visit via my bank account as that visit was Quest but still waiting for the payment for new portal visit.

13 days 0 Nmac2017 5

I’m the same still waiting for payment from January hotels - the app shows paid in February but they didn’t pay my PayPal and Didn’t have my bank details at that point as I’d never done any jobs on quest. Now no reply’s today emails and calls and I’ve just done a further two jobs!

7 days 0 Alex_15791737609849 8

has everyone been paid now?

7 days 0 Nmac2017 5
Alex_15791737609849 @ Mar 25, 2020 2:00:13 PM
has everyone been paid now?

I’m still waiting to be paid!

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