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I have membership and have never noticed any specific benefit. However, I can't say that there wasn't. I suspect that, if you are brand new to shopping and an MSC is looking to assign a new job to either you are another new shopper, they would give it to the one who has MSPA barring a compelling reason to do otherwise. Once you are established with a company, your reliability and work quality will be a far more important factor in determining whether or not to assign shops to you - or seek you out when they are desperate and willing to pay generous bonuses.

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Thanks for the information!

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Thank you for your insight, I appreciate it!

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I'm so glad people are finding this useful! :)

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Good information! Thanks. (Still relevant)

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I got my silver MSPA certification back in 2002. I am feeling my age now! It did help get me some of my first mystery shops back then. I still include it when starting to work for a new company.

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How do you get MSPA Certified

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I wondered the same thing as well.

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What does that stand for again?

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I did not get certified with MSPA and am doing all the shops that I can handle. Do a good job, write complete reports, handed in on time, and the schedulers will give you more shops.

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