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I'm not a fan of taking pictures of people randomly, so discretely taking pictures of bathrooms falls under the same context for me.

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I did a shop at Verizon and the store manager came out and told me with stop taking pics or leave. I said my husband is unable to come in and just wanted me to take pics and notes. He said I’m sorry but I can’t allow that. I said well you just lost a potential customer.

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That's some quick thinking! Nice reply!

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At the beginning of the pandemic, I took on several jobs assessing Covid protocols, some of these were in banks. Not only did I think I wouldn't get away with taking photos inside as required, but the 1st bank I went to wasn't letting customers in without an appointment. The greeter at the door asked what I needed there, so I flat-out told her I was doing Covid compliance checks (she assumed I was contracted by the bank; I didn't tell her any different). The end result, the bank manager came out to talk to me so I asked him the questions I needed answered, but he wouldn't let me take pictures. I told the MSC I would not be doing the remaining bank jobs.

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