Goodwin Schedulers are the BEST!

4 years +6 Amy_14993598765457 5
I absolutely LOVE the folks at Goodwin - especially Caitlyn, Meghan and Declan. They go above and beyond to get me the shop locations I love, and work hard when I might need to make some changes in my schedule! Thanks guys!
4 years +4 AndrewW 8

I really like working with them too!

4 years +1 Marthena 5

Well I'm pretty much new to this.

4 years +2 Ivan 929
@ Jul 6, 2017 6:41:31 PM
Well I'm pretty much new to this.

Well, welcome to the lovely world of Mystery Shopping! Feel free to ask a ton of questions, I love being helpful :)

Margaret (Maegan)
4 years +3 Margaret (Maegan) 1

I have been working with them for years and yes, they are one of the better companies to work with because they do their best to help!

4 years +1 Ashley_14997957406334 5

I like Goodwin as well!

4 years +1 Janice_14993655597304 1

They were helpful and prompt in responding to any concerns or questions I had.

4 years 0 Catherine_15007475484721 2

I've always enjoyed working with them. They really do go above and beyond for you.

4 years +1 Carol_15006751954195 4

HHmm, so far, not so good. I have been trying to find out how to amend a report I turned in for the editor. I see nowhere to re-enter it, and have several messages waiting to both the scheduler and editor, but no one answers.

4 years +1 Glenda 3

I love Goodwin as well! Really enjoy the restaurant assignments - reports are detailed but easy. I only wish they had more in my area.

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