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Okay - I admit - I love getting new badges! Bottom line, can someone please show me what a "Quality Rank 100" badge looks like? Here's why:

I get an email telling me that I received a new "Quality Rank 100" Badge so I'm all excited! But the email came over in Code (gibberish numbers/words) & the picture of the new badge did not come through. The picture also was not showing up on iSS (AND it took away my old Quality Rank 5 badge on iSS). I also tried to look at iSS on a Windows PC & my iPhone but the Badge still wasn't showing on iSS. I also looked at the email via webmail, iPhone & Outlook & still no picture on that either. All of that told me that the problem probably wasn't on my end so I contacted iSS (they are great & awesome!) and they said:

The Quality Rank 100 email was an error in how the Quality badge was displaying. When I recalculated the badges it resolved the issue. 

So, now after it was recalculated, I am showing my OLD "Quality Rank 5" Badge again. So before I bug iSS again, I thought I would ask if someone can show me this new badge (so I can see what it looks like) and explain why this happened & what should I do? I know this may sounds silly, but I worked hard for this & it takes so long to get moved up on badges. So, I want to make sure that my account is accurately reflecting what I have earned to date based on the shops that I have done.


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Hi Dawn, I too have been having the Quality Badge issue. For me, it started when I got an email saying new badge received and when i opened the email, it said I have 97.22222222 rank. There is no such thing. iSS told me that the Quality Badge is new and there was an error in the calculation algorithm. Fine. They corrected it and my badge was back to normal.

Now, since that initial encounter, each time a shop is approved, I receive the new badge email. You do not receive a new badge for every shop completed. And further I might have gotten a virus or something because the iSS website is constantly trying to reload the badge and the page is slowed way down.

And my badge is messed up again. But iSS is working on it.

For your situation, I would suggest opening up a ticket with iSS and explain your situation. They will look into it. Also, contact Ivan on this forum and ask him. He is a very helpful resource. Hope this helps.

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Hi Norm -- thanks for this info. I only received one email about a new badge and since then, I had four shops approved and no new emails re: the quality badge so mine does not appear to be an ongoing problem like yours is. At this point, before bugging (the super nice folks at iSS), I was wondering if someone, anyone, could point me to what the Quality Badges look like, specifically, the Quality Rank 100. If there isn't such a thing, then I will let this go. But I would just like to verify this data against the email that they sent me. Also, I do not know how to get a hold of Ivan directly, so hopefully he sees this. Thanks & have a fantastic day!

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I have never heard of the 100 badge. Might be a new thing. Ivan can easily be located on the main home page of the forum. He is a frequent and regular contributor on several threads and categories. He goes just by Ivan (no longer numbers or anything). Hope that helps too.

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Hi guys, I'm here :)

I'll share the entire story about the Quality badge, and the issue you've been having.

The Quality badge was designed at the same time as other badges, and it is supposed to represent the quality of your work, reflected in the percentage of shops which you have submitted that were approved by the editors. In other words, it's the ratio of shops submitted to shops approved. If all your shops which you complete end up approved (and not declined), your Quality badge would be at its maximum level, level 5. If there are declines, the Quality badge level drops to reflect that.

However, for quite a long time the algorithms for calculating this ratio weren't "kicking in", so the developers got to work on it, and a couple of months ago and it started functioning and appearing on shopper's profiles properly.

Then, in a recent update, a minor bug appeared causing the badge not to be reflected properly in its true levels (level 1 to level 5) but was instead displaying the actual percentage of shopper's approved shops as the badge level. So, if 98% of the shops which you submitted were approved, the badge started displaying as "Level 98" (instead of level 4 or 5) - this was solved by the developers pretty quickly, but all shoppers which have completed shops in that period before it was resolved ended up receiving an email about a ludicrously high level Quality badge and their profiles could not display the icon for the quality badge, simply because there are no icons (nor higher levels) after level 5.

As the issue which caused this to occur in the first place has been solved, it's now a quick and easy fix for every shopper who notices they're having this issue - simply open a support ticket to iSecretShop, and within a few clicks your badge will be recalculated and set to it's actual, normal state.

I hope this provides some clarification :)

P.S. As a side note, there's a cool new feature on the Forum, added a few days ago - you can now tag Forum users in a thread, making that thread appear in their "subscriptions" on the Forum - so if you need me on any thread, feel free to tag me in it, and I'll see it in my "subscribed threads" when I come to the Forum (the option to "tag users" is at the top of a thread page, just below the search box).


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Ivan - this explains it perfectly! Thank you so much for this information.


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You're welcome! :)

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Hi Dawn, hope I was of some assistance, too. Thanks also to Ivan for his informative insight.

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Thanks Ivan! I got the email too saying my level went up to 92 or something. I'll check it out!

10 months +1 Ivan 659

Glad I could help!

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