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1 year 0 Tammy_15054908948087 4

Since I am very new I am trying to increase my level/badges so I can schedule more than two shops at a time. Has anyone completed the iSS Prep Certification? I tried a couple different courses several times and have yet to pass. I have watched the video and/or read the preface several times while taking notes. I am sure I should have passed at least once. The results only say you did not pass - so I have no idea where or how much was incorrect. I'm beginning to think there may be a problem.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or is it just me? :)

1 year 0 Ivan 673

Hi Tammy,

Whenever this happens, please feel free to open a support ticket on iSecretShop and write down the exact course you have been trying to pass - you should get a reply fairly quickly, with the information on which questions need to be answered differently in order for you to pass.

Thank you, and good luck!

1 year 0 Danielle_15067274004218 2

Same is happening for me with the iss app course. I know I've answered everything correctly. No email with results or explanation.

1 year 0 Zachary_15077159126415 1

Same thing happened to me with the ISS mobile app course.

@ISS you need to provide feedback!

1 year +1 Ivan 673
Hi guys!

Danielle - on your last attempt, you got one answer wrong - to question: 12 Q: Will your work save if you close the app? - if you revise your answer there, you should pass the course.

Zachary - you got 2 answers wrong - to questions 7 and 10.

Once again - I suggest opening support ticket to iSecretShop - that will ensure you get your answers in the fastest possible way.


1 year 0 Danielle_15067274004218 2

Woo hoo! Thanks, Ivan :)

1 year 0 Ivan 673

Sure thing! :)

1 year 0 Doug_14988351578922 16

What is the Convenience Store Drink Purchase Certification? That is one of the questions on my profile. I don't know where to do this quiz.


1 year +1 Ivan 673

Hi Doug,

That's a certification required by a specific MSP to do a specific type of shops. If you have those shops in your area, and you meet the age requirements to do them (I think it was being between 19 and 25 yeas orld, but can't remember exactly), and if you are interested in doing them, when requesting one of those shops you would be directed to iSSprep to complete that certification, which can only be found by typing in a specific code, provided in the shop overview when requesting it.

So long story short, no need to concern yourself about it, as the question is entirely optional, as is that certification, and it's only relevant if you are intending to do shops where you purchase drinks at a convenience store and need to check if you are asked for an ID (if you look like you might be underage).

Thanks for asking!

1 year 0 Dustin_15112247435603 1

I've passed them getting 113% not sure how that is. Only things I wonder , 1, How many are there ? 2. Where is the certification numbers and are they gold or silver?

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