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1 year +1 Wassim 56

At times I get an assignment shop that has this phrase in it:

"you must call the store to verify the location and their hours"

And no where in the assignment guidelines do they list a phone number for the store.

OK, it's 2017 and one can always use the Internet to find information.

BUT, I feel like in addition to writing the report about the shop, and the workers at the shop, I have to do more work to update the client's store database.

If I can find out the phone number, then the client can do too?! They should have it on file or something like that?

If I gauge the time it takes me to complete the assignment, and the pay I am receiving for that assignment, then determine if it's worth it or not. But then additional work to find the phone number is needed, and now the pay becomes not worth it.

Also, we are held to strict guidelines, why is the MSP not doing the same?

I guess I think we have areas to improve our work environment. But when will be taken seriously?

1 year +9 Kevin_15027958065114 10

It's easy, just do it and don't bitch.

1 year +1 Edith 8

A recent assignment listed the phone number as 123 456 7891. It was a lunch shop but when I went online to their website to make the call, I noticed that they had no lunch items on their menu. I asked and they said that they do not serve lunch.

1 year +1 Ivan 659

Hi Edith,

Whenever you notices something strange like that - contact the MSP, let them know - it might be something that they can fix on their end, or they can provide clarification if needed. It's in their interest to provide assistance in the best and fastest way possible.


1 year +2 Cyanne 2

Hi everyone,

I went for my secret shopper assignment and completed it. Now the employee won't stop contacting me and is still pressuring to buy!! AHHHHHHHH

1 year +2 Ivan 659

Hi there,

Is that for a car dealership? If so, just tell them you have changed your mind (or some big financial issue came up, or something) and that you won't be buying a car any time soon. I know those car salespeople can sometimes be quire persistant after the visit itself (in a way, they are just doing their job).

Good luck!

1 year +1 Helen_15068418556383 1

Send email to junk or unsubscribe.

If by phone, just say no.

Once following up is done, no obligation to continue.

If not follow up for report, give fake email and number

1 year +1 Ivan 659

Yeah, that's a good point too. But be careful, if the shop does require you a follow-up, make sure to leave the right info (or if it's stated that you must leave the right info) :)

1 year +2 Frances_15111400687959 3
Cyanne @ Nov 1, 2017 10:52:10 PM
Hi everyone,

I went for my secret shopper assignment and completed it. Now the employee won't stop contacting me and is still pressuring to buy!! AHHHHHHHH
I had a car shop where they literally tried to hold me hostage till I bought a car. I guess either I'm a really good actress or they wont let anyone go. I said several times I had to get going, after we were all the way through the presentation to the financing options stage. Everytime I said I need to go, he said, Let me get these numbers right for you and headed back to finance! I had been there for a couple of hours on a standard shop, (not a negotiation). And they didn't even have the car I expressed I wanted on the lot. First he tried to get me to buy the one he showed me. Then when it was clear I wanted to wait for the other kind, he switched gears and found one at another lot and still tried to close the sale!

1 year +1 HeatherAnnie 54

I was recently sent to a store that was closed, haha. The assignment did not require me to call ahead, but I always do it anyway. The phone number was disconnected. I looked them up online - they had closed down over a year ago. Oops!

I also would not trust store hours that you find online. Sometimes they are outdated or just plain wrong.

Regarding followup sales... most of the time you do need to give out your real information. This is so you can keep track of and report on the employee's followup. Once the reporting period has passed, you can just call them and tell them to stop calling you. Tell him you already bought a car from a less annoying salesman ;)

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