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8 months 0 Ivan 630

Thanks Norm!

6 months 0 Michele_15032031952719 71

I wonder why the closed one was still listed.maybe the requester wanted to make sure it stayed that way?

5 months +1 Norm 168

It stinks when you do such a shop, and then you get so many follow up calls. But I guess there's a part of a secret shopping, sometimes you get some extra baggage afterward but it disappears after a while. It's happened to me, but I try to use it to my advantage in other shops where I can. It works. Think of some unique ideas and try them out yourself. Happy shopping

5 months 0 Brent_15392047378970 1

Just use your cell phone # and when the shop is over, block the number. Easy.

5 months 0 Michele_15032031952719 71

That is annoying when the hirs are incorrect!

3 months +1 LINDA_14996614317791 37

Once I was given an address on a shop of a store that had been closed and moved one year before. Luckily I knew the area, and where the store was relocated. I told the scheduler. Things like this are bound to happen.

3 months 0 Michele_15032031952719 71

Sometimes the wrong hours or locatioin are on Google Maps!

3 months 0 India_15423422221854 16

So, somehow I became a local Google Maps guide so whenever I see a shop that has different hours than are stated or a store that has either closed or one that has opened and isn't yet listed on Maps, I report the changes to Google and they update the information. Unfortunately, I don't notice that happening, especially with hour changes (except during the holidays), so I usually do more picture taking & ratings.

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