Insight Intouch

3 years +3 Michael_15527186436033 27

The schedulers at Insight Intouch have been great to me so far. So, kudo's to them.

3 years +2 Jessica_15544836215813 5

They are my favourite MSC for whom I do work. Myriam is the best scheduler with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work.

3 years 0 Michele_15032031952719 260

Yes they are pretty good.

3 years +2 Brent_15320575704803 16

I agree, they are top notch. Everyone I have dealt with has been great.

3 years +5 Tara_NJ 178

Intouch is in my personal opinion and from my personal experience the nicest and most professional MSP on iSS! I absolutely love them and they are great at responding to emails, requests, and super understanding, I can't say enough about them! They also pay so quickly!

3 years 0 Sabrina_15499084437074 13

I also agree, they have been the easiest to work with thus far.

2 years 0 Mark_15813485889672 32

While I have only done one shop with them, they quickly processed my shop. Service thus far has been great!

Judith _15819106843760
2 years 0 Judith _15819106843760 14

I’m about to do my 1st shop for them on Sunday. So far so good!

2 years +1 Kala620 1

Tanya Feczko with intouch insight has been great to work with. She responds quickly, is helpful, and super nice!

2 years 0 Lisa_15602504329244 1

Fun shops, straightforward guidelines, and quick payment -- what more could you ask for? I love to shop for this company!

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