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3 years +2 MFJohnston 388


I'm not knocking the MSC - they are a fine company. However, I'm a fan of higher payments. :P

Judith _15819106843760
3 years +2 Judith _15819106843760 14

I’ve picked up a couple shop with them and found them to be great. I love their shop forms, very straightforward!

3 years 0 Daniela_15791153117712 8

I find that their payments are pretty low. Can you negotiate with them for higher pay?

Judith _15819106843760
3 years 0 Judith _15819106843760 14

I haven’t as I’m just starting out with them and this site. So for me, as part of the getting to know each other stage, I’ve found them fair.

3 years 0 James_15127781056247 13

This has been an OK app but I do wish there was more work out here in Fly-Over Country.

3 years +1 HeatherLovesZombies 6

Intouch is one of the few MSP's on iSS that has shops in my area, so I am grateful that their team is open-minded, caring and a pleasure to shop for.

3 years +1 Norm 191

Intouch is definitely a great company to shop with.

2 years +1 Summer_15502987495582 3

Agreed! Great to shop for!

1 year 0 ov 10

My scheduler is the best. But I have to say, some of the proofers can be condescending. It's rare that they will admit that they made a mistake.

1 year 0 Susan_16558196646448 2

Intouch Insight is great to work for! Forms, personnel, and ease of use are top notch!

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